Resume the Countdown, Unless You’re Name is Clemmensen, then it’s “Sent Down”

Good news for the Devils is bad news for Patrick Roy’s career wins record and Scott Clemmensen’s mode of transportation.

Brodeur is set to return after suffering an elbow injury that required surgery to repair.

Brodeur is set to return after suffering an elbow injury that required surgery to repair.

Martin Brodeur is scheduled to start tomorrow night against the Avalanche as he returns from surgery to repair a torn biscep muscle.  Unless you’re an Eastern Confernce foe you’re probably happy to see Brodeur return to the crease.  If you’re a fan of the Canadian Olympic team you’re probably ecstatic.  If you’re Scott Clemmensen on the other hand you’re getting ready to ride the buses again. Continue reading


Put the Record Books Back on the Shelf

martin-brodeur-injuryThe countdown to Marty Brodeur’s re-writing of the goalie record book had just gotten started when it came to a grinding halt today as the Devils announced that Brodeur would be out 3-4 months after having surgery to repair a torn muscle in his left arm.

martin-brodeur-patrick-roy-memorabiliaBrodeur needs 7 wins to tie Patrick Roy for most career wins (542)  and 5 shutouts to tie the career mark set (104) by Terry Sawchuk.  The countdown to Roy’s mark looked like the record would be Brodeur’s outright before the end of November.  Timing on the shutout mark was a lot tougher to predict (Brodeur has 2 this year in 11 games) but it seemed like it too would fall before the season was finished.  Now it looks like Brodeur will still have a really good shot at Roy’s record this season as he should return with more than a month left in the schedule.  Can he get 5 shutouts in 15-20 games?  If anyone can it would be Brodeur.

The bigger questions are A) how do the Devils make the playoffs without Brodeur and B) what will this do to the goalie picture for Team Canada at the 2010 Olympics?

Kevin Weekes certainly has the talent to carry a team but has had some bad luck (in terms of the team in front of him) when he’s had the starter role in his NHL career.  Lou Lamoriello always pulls together good talent for the Devils and they seem to be playing beyond expectations so far this year, so I’m looking forward to watching how Weekes responds to this opportunity.

martin-brodeur-olympic-maskAs for the Olympic team, obviously there’s a lot of time between now and then.  Brodeur is one of the fiercest competitors in hockey so I would never bet against him.  If the recovery goes well then I think the Olympic picture remains the same as it was last week.  One thing I know for sure is shooters will be going high glove side when Brodeur comes back in March.

I figured it only fair to link to Damien Cox’s coverage of Brodeur’s injury since he co-wrote Brodeur’s autobiography.