A Goalie’s View of the Vancouver Olympics

After five hectic, glorious days at the Vancouver Winter Olympics I thought I’d share some images of the trip as seen through the eyes of a goalie.

There were one or two of these banners around town!

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It Doesn’t Matter Who’s In Net for Canada

The sky is falling today in Canada after the men’s team lost to the USA in the final round robin game of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.  It’s bad enough that Canada finished sixth in the preliminary standings.  It’s worse that the quarter final opponent will now be Russia.  It’s apocalyptic that Martin Brodeur lost the game.  Just about every goalie debate pre-Olympics dictated that Brodeur was the starter, Roberto Luongo the backup and Marc-Andre Fleury the third man out.  But today Twitter is abuzz with condemnation of Brodeur.

Luongo was the respectful backup in Torino but now a nation looks to him for hockey redemption.

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Goalie Rosters for 2010 Olympic Hockey Teams

You can’t tell the players without a program!  For some countries competing in the Olympic hockey tournament this will quite literally be true.  So here it is, your viewing guide to Olympic goalies, 2010 edition.  Listed by groups because, let’s face it, once group play is done you won’t hear about some of these teams/players for another four years.

Group A

Canada:  It is often said that Canada could send a “B” team to the Olympics and have it compete for a medal.  That would certainly be true from a goaltending perspective as the talent pool is deep.  Martin Brodeur (New Jersey NHL) is having a record breaking season and has his Devils on top of the standings, so given his past Olympic credentials and success it’s almost impossible to put anyone else in the number one spot.  Roberto Luongo (Vancouver NHL) and Marc-Andre Fleury (Pittsburgh NHL) should both get a chance to play a round-robin game but one of them would have to steal a win and Brodeur would have to play horribly to see anyone but Marty starting the quarter-final match. Continue reading

Martin Brodeur: Best Goalie Ever (and statistical proof to back it up)

Want to start an argument amongst goalies (or non-goalies for that matter)?  Just ask them “who is the best NHL goalie ever?”

Click for video of Martin Brodeur talking about breaking Terry Sawchuk's shutout record

Regardless of era the statistics point to one man:  Martin Brodeur.  You can talk about the neutral zone trap all you want but every goalie knows a shutout is as fragile as pond ice in March… one small slip up and it’s over.   A bouncing puck, a deflection off your own player, a shot off the inside of the post instead of the outside (or in my case, once shooting the puck into my own net… don’t ask) and a shutout vaporizes in an instant.  Just mention the word “shutout” when a goalie is close to recording one and see what kind of reaction you get!  And now Brodeur has more of them than any other goalie in history. Continue reading

Only 80 Games Remaining; It’s Time to Panic

Disney's Chicken Little... now playing in an NHL arena near you!

Disney's Chicken Little... now playing in an NHL arena near you!

The sky is falling in Toronto and Vancouver, and things are not much better in the rest of Canada for that matter.  The fans in Toronto are clamouring for coach Ron Wilson to make Swedish rookie Jonas Gustavsson the starter after two lackluster performances by Vesa Toskala.  In Vancouver the Stanley Cup parade plans have been shelved after Roberto Luongo and the Canucks have not only opened the season 0-3 but have looked terrible in doing so. Continue reading

Top Ten Goalie Questions for 2009-10 Season

Anderson knows he needs to get down to business in Colorado if he wants to prove he's a true number one.

Anderson knows he needs to get down to business in Colorado if he wants to prove he's a true number one.

10.  Is Craig Anderson ready for prime time?  He showed he could be the go-to guy when Tomas Vokun was hurt last year in Florida and now he gets the chance to prove it in Colorado.  But Peter Budaj is ready to show he can still be the guy if Anderson falters. Continue reading

2010 Winter Olympics Goalie Preview – Canada

Steve Yzerman recently attended the World Championships in Switzerland to scout for the 2010 Olympics.  With that in mind, and after some surprise performances in the first two rounds of the playoffs, the time has come to begin the goalie watch for the Games.  The Canadian home ice advantage, the use of an NHL-sized ice surface and the league’s unwillingness to commit to the 2014 games in Sochi, Russia are laying the groundwork for what could be the best hockey tournament of all time.  So it’s only fitting to expect the best display of goaltending.  Most countries will hold summer camps and then evaluate the first half of next season before will making their final decisions but we say let the armchair quarterbacking begin!  The top contenders for the gold medal will each need to make some potentially difficult decisions so Tenders Lounge will dedicate separate posts to the medal contenders.  First up, the home team Canadians.

Not only are does Team Canada face the pressure of being the host country but they also need to remove the bitter taste from a 7th place finish at the 2006 Torino games.

Luongo and Brodeur were expected to reprise their roles from Torino.  Will anyone push them out of the picture?

Luongo and Brodeur were expected to reprise their roles from Torino. Will anyone push them out of the picture?

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