Sarah Palin Changes Blues’ Goalie Plans

Sarah Palin loved the experience so much in Philadelphia last week that she came to St. Louis for the ceremonial faceoff.  No, this is not a picture of Manny Legace kneeling down in reverence to Palin.  It’s a picture of Legace falling after tripping on the carpet rolled out for her.  Legace said he felt something pull right away but gave it a go anyway.  He left after one period with the Blues down 2-0 in a game they’d ultimately lose 4-0.  Legace will miss at least one more game because of the hip flexor pull.  With Chris Mason rehabbing in Peoria the Blues are left with rookie Ben Bishop (amazingly Bishop’s Wikipedia entry is already updated to include the entire incident tonight!), who’s total NHL experience amounts to the 40 minutes he played tonight.  This is not the kind of change in goalie plans the Blues can believe in, it’s more of the same (bad luck they’ve had for a couple years).