Bad Day for Clint Malarchuk — Not Sure What to Make of It

Malarchuk Shoots Himself in Chin“… this headline caught my attention in the National Post this morning and after reading to the end of the story I’m not sure what to make of it.  Most people who know Malarchuk’s name remember watching the gruesome sight of his throat being sliced by a skate blade (sorry, absolutely no need to show that photo here… google it if you’re really that curious).

According to the NP article and police reports, Malarchuk was bleeding profusely from the mouth and chin but refused treatment from paramedics and from hospital staff.  I’ve read that Malarchuk suffered from a number of psychological and physical ailments after his playing career ended so it’s easy to jump to conclusions whether or not a self-inflicted gun shot to the chin was accidental.  I loved watching Malarchuk play when I was a kid (he had a cool mask in Buffalo and wore the same gear as me when he was in Quebec) so I really hope to hear this was some sort of Dick-Chaney-type of hunting accident and that Malarchuk will be back in his role as goalie coach for the Blue Jackets.

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