A Goalie’s View of the Vancouver Olympics

After five hectic, glorious days at the Vancouver Winter Olympics I thought I’d share some images of the trip as seen through the eyes of a goalie.

There were one or two of these banners around town!

Unlike what I saw in Torino, the Games were everywhere in Vancouver, even in the customs line when you arrived at the airport. The baggage sign is showing skicross from Cypress Mountain.

At the Bay's Olympic store you could buy anything related to the Olympics (or to Coca Cola for that matter), including a pin of Quatchi, who wants to be a goalie when he grows up (that's what it said on the back of the card)

Martin Brodeur chewing gum! Seriously. The actual pieces of gum had red maple leafs on them. Definitely one of those "you know you're in Canada when..." moments.

The Paralympics are here too so Canadian sledge hockey goalie Paul Rosen also gets his own gum. With red maple leafs on it.

This was a window display at a high end woman's store downtown. Only in Canada.

Goalie artwork outside the Molson Hockey House. Who got to keep this after the Games finished? I would have paid top dollar for it to display on my front lawn in California.

The entrance to Molson Hockey House. Beer and hockey? Honestly, what more could a Canadian ex-pat ask for as a welcome home?

A Russian newspaper available at the Sochi House. What caught my eye was they listed the medal standings in order of gold medals, not total medals, so guess which country finished first?

It is impossible to view the Olympic flame in person and not be awed and inspired by it. Now it was time to see some action.

"Enough of the site seeing dad, can we go see some real hockey now?"

First up was the Canada-Russian men's quarter final. No shortage of Russian fans in GM Place. Oops, I mean Canada Hockey Place.

Despite my desire to see Evgeni Nabokov lead the Sharks to the Stanley Cup this year I couldn't cheer for him in this game. Sorry Nabby.

Roberto Luongo was a picture of concentration as he got himself mentally prepared for the continuation of the Canada-Russia rivalry.

Luongo was not the only (ex-)goalie getting himself prepped for the big game. Darren Pang, along with the rest of the TSN crew, was sitting right next to me.

Was I the only Canadian in the building not cheering Russia's change of goalies? Yes, I wanted Nabby to lose but I was hoping for 1-0 or 2-1.

After watching the Canadian men advance it was on to the women's gold medal game, Canada-USA. Great glove save by Canadian women's goalie Shannon Szabados!

Not to be outdone, American women's goalie Jessie Vetter looks the puck into her glove.

In men's hockey the players high-five their teammates at the bench after a goal. Women take the time to include their goalie. Nice touch. I'm not sure why someone was waving their US flag (foreground) after a Canadian goal.

This is the immediate response of winning a gold medal. After seeing them win in Torino as well, the Canadian women are now 2-for-2 in championship games when I'm in attendance. Maybe a certain goalie blogger should be invited to all their big games. Just sayin'

And this is the reaction at the other end of the rink.

Image how you would feel seeing these gold medals paraded onto the ice?

But silver is pretty good too. Can't say I've ever seen male medal winners smell the flowers.

After working four years towards a goal only to suffer defeat it's good to remember there are more important things in life.

But when you do win those other things in life are that much sweeter. Just ask Kim St. Pierre.

Canadian goalie Shannon Szabados flashes the gold.

An image that would be repeated a few days later after the men's gold medal game!

As we headed to our gate at YVR for the flight home I saw this at the Hudson News store. My son has a year or two before he'll grow into it but that just means this goalie will still remember these Olympics for years to come.



  1. I wish I had known you were just across the water!

    Great to see the shots and glad you had a great time.

  2. loved your pics and captions

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