Goalie Tour of Montreal Canadiens’ Centennial Exhibit in Hockey Hall of Fame

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the first game played by the Montreal Canadiens, just one month after the 50th anniversary of Canadiens’ goalie Jacques Plante first wearing a goalie mask.  I recently took a tour of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto where they had set up a beautiful tribute to the Habs’ centennial.  My attention, of course, was centered on the goalies featured in the exhibit.  In case you didn’t get a chance to visit the HHOF before the exhibit ended you can at least view the important parts here.

What a great way to enter the Habs Centennial exhibit! If you watched the Habs during the 1970's the only image more lasting than Ken Drydens's famous pose is that of the Cup being lifted again and again. And then again and again and again and again. What's the opening bid for this statue when the exhibit ends?

You can’t talk about the Habs’ great history of goalies over 100 years without starting with the Chicoutimi Cucumber, Georges Vezina.
The Ken Dryden display. This is not the only Dryden feature in the HHOF but it’s the main case they’ve assembled for the Centennial exhibit.

One of Ken Dryden's pads. I had the same leather Coopers when I was a kid... except mine didn't extend quite as high above the knee. This size pad is commonplace today but in the '70s this was a HUGE pad.

The Gump Worsley exhibit. Does he have any padding whatsoever on his arms?

The Gumper's pads... and you thought Dryden's pads looked old! Notice the short cuff above the knee compared to Dryden's as well as how the outside roll stops below the knee. Also check out the expression on the Gumper's face!

I "think" this was Georges Vezina's skate but I stupidly didn't take a photo of the plaque describing it. Regardless of ownership, notice the absence of a protective shell found on goalie skates since at least the 50's as well as the thin blade and leather laces.

The Patrick Roy exhibit. I thought it was interesting they included the golden scissors used to cut the netting after he broke Terry Sawchuk's record for most wins... when he played for the Avs! I guess it doesn't matter too much since Martin Brodeur broke out his own pair of golden scissors a short eight years later.

There is plenty more Montreal Canadiens goalie memorabilia to see in the HHOF, especially in the recreation of the Habs’ locker room, but these were the articles on display the day of my visit.  The Hockey Hall of Fame prides itself on being a living collection so the day you go you’ll probably see something different.


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