Bernie Parent Talks About His “New” Mask

Bernie Parent just launched an authorized version of his famous mask and took time to talk to TendersLounge about masks, Ray Emery and Pearl Jam.


You can't get more authentic than a mask made from the original mold. Click on the photo for more details or to order one for your favorite goalie.

Parent’s mask is iconic for its simplicity and he is now offering an exact replica of the mask he wore for the Flyers’ first Stanley Cup to his fans.  Why now and why is he doing it himself?  “Some of the replica masks I’ve seen are very poorly designed and don’t really look like my mask.  I want fans to have the real McCoy.  We’re coming up on the 50th anniversary of Jacques Plante wearing a mask for the first time so it seemed like a good time to do this.”  Parent’s mask was actually designed by Plante, with technical advancements provided by NASA to help absorb and dissipate impact.


Does Jacques Plante's mask look familiar? Bernie Parent was not only a Plante disciple but also a client. The ridges on the forehead were designed to deflect pucks away where they would normally have a direct impact.

If you search around for “replica” or “classic” masks you’ll find a number of offerings ranging from $300 to over $500.  You’ll also see some examples of what Parent is referring to when he generously describes them as “poorly designed”.  If you’re a fan or goalie historian you’ll certainly recognize these masks but as a true fan or historian you’ll also see the discrepancies right away. (some of them are indeed very good, albeit pricey, so to avoid embarrassing anyone I’m not sharing any examples)

So what’s different about Parent’s offering?  It’s made from the original mold and at $225 is priced better than any other offerings I’ve seen.


Most fans remember this version of Parent's mask but the original only had logos on the temples.

The first thing most of you will notice, and the first thing I asked Bernie about, is the Flyers logo missing from the forehead in his Time magazine cover.  “We added the third Flyers logo to my mask for the ’74-’75 season and this replica is from ’73-’74 when we won our first Cup” explains Parent.  Unlike NHL goalies today who get new equipment every season Plante used this mask year after year.  Although unlike Mike Palmateer who had to buy his own mask because he played for Harold Ballard, Parent did tell me the Flyers always paid for all his gear.

Parent’s gear isn’t the only thing the Flyers have paid for over the years.  They’ve gone all out to put every possible resource into winning this year and Parent is a believer.  “With (Chris) Pronger and Emery they finally have what it takes to win it all.  And you can quote me on that.”  Before we see how that prediction turns out Philadelphia area fans will have one last chance to see the old Spectrum this week as Pearl Jam closes the building for good.  Good hockey fans that they are, Pearl Jam specifically requested to have Bernie introduce the band for the final event at the building he helped to make famous.


You read it here first: Pronger + Emery = first Flyers Cup in 35 years

Parent’s replica mask is not designed to be used in a game, but to be a valued and authentic addition to any collection.  As such, Bernie will personally autograph each one with his signature and HOF ’84 (the year he was inducted into the Hall of Fame).  You can order directly from his website,  It’s never too early to let friends and family know about your Christmas wishlist, right?



  1. Nice mask. Holes at the top are not quite right. There was a row of four holes also at the top of the 73-74 mask. Other than that looks really good

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