Carey Price says “Thank You” to Habs Fans (who all happen to suck)

Tim Thomas offers some words of encouragement to Carey Price after Price suffered the wrath of Canadiens' fans in game four.

Tim Thomas offers some words of encouragement to Carey Price after Price suffered the wrath of Canadiens' fans in game four.

Montrealers like to think of themselves as sophisticated sports fans, especially when it comes to hockey.  In truth they are ignorant, arrogant and obnoxious hockey snobs who view the Stanley Cup as their birthright.  Nevermind the fact they chased the Expos out of town by ignoring them, or the fact their CFL franchise died twice before moving to a minor league stadium, leaving the city with just one major league team to obsess over.  They were at their moronic best in mocking Carey Price as the Canadiens were swept by the Bruins.

Watch for the split screen toward the end of the video comparing Price’s actions with those of Patrick Roy in 1995.

The comparisons to Roy’s antics when he was left in net to face an onslaught by the Detroit Red Wings were easy and immediate.  Will Montreal fans boo Price out of town the same way they did with Roy?  Or will both the fans and the goalie shake it off and forget about it?  Price will likely shake it off but I can’t imagine the Montreal media will let him forget about it as they will be seeking scapegoats for why the 100th Anniversary season went awry.  Coach and GM Bob Gainey defended his goalie immediately after the game but Habs fans have long memories.

No hockey player ever wants a long summer simply because it means he had a short season, but this summer might not be long enough for Price to escape the wrath of Montreal’s fans and media.  Price has one year left on his contract before becoming a Restricted Free Agent.  Assuming Gainey is taking the long view and that Price can shake this off there should be no need for either side to be considering a change of scenery.  But if the Canadiens’ greatest goalie in team history can be run out of town then anything is possible.

With apologies to Patrick for rubbing salt into a wound long since closed, this video shows the low-lights of his last game in Montreal, concluding with his verbal attack on then-president Ronald Corey.



  1. […] Carey Price says “Thank You” to Habs Fans […]

  2. u must be another [joker] from the USA right ? and you should watch what u say, I do agree that alot of Habs fans are dumbass but alot alot alot of people know their hockey and are real fans, and btw thats for all teams in the NHL…u got dumb fans n real fans. Wow u really got something against people in Montreal thats crazy man u might get a life instead…theres somethings u cant understand cause u aint from here. Hockey is our sport, its a religion over here bitch u dont know shit so keep Montreal outta ya mouth. We won the Stanley cup 24th times n yall jealous, ur the ignorants…

  3. I’ve learned my lessons w/ trolls… you just can’t win by addressing their comments so don’t bother. Despite this guy missing the point of the article I’m leaving it up in respect of free speech. I have however deleted some of his more choice comments as they added nothing to his “argument” and really have no place on a site that is read by goalies of all ages.

  4. i dont see anyone else agreeing with u. think b4 u speak…or post.
    i think its clear who’s right. an ignorant jealous idiot thats probably dreams at night about how he belongs in montreal (uh huh thats u loser) or hockey fans that KNOW what hockey is. dont argue when u dont know how to argue.

  5. Geez, lesson learned… don’t dare attack the credibility of Montreal sports fans. Ignore all evidence that doesn’t position them as the greatest sports fans in the world and the smartest hockey fans. Also ignore that they booed Price in an EXHIBITION game this year but are now cheering him because he’s playing well in games that actually count!

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