Varlamov Figures Out Avery — Wins Nobel Peace Price

Sean Avery strikes a familiar pose in front of an opposing goalie.

Sean Avery strikes a familiar pose in front of an opposing goalie.

After much bitching and moaning on my part about the goalie-rousing antics of Sean Avery, a young Russian who speaks almost no English has turned the tables on the pestilent Ranger.  Turns out speaking very little English is one of the keys to combating Avery’s antics in front of the net.  That, along with a quick little chop to Avery’s nether region, got under Avery’s skin (along with his protective cup) and resulted in Avery getting kicked out of the game!

This YouTube video is the best way to watch Simeon Varlamov’s response.  Color commentator Ray Ferraro is none too impressed with Avery’s punch to the goalie’s head but fails to mention anything about Varlamov’s upper cut with his stick.  Watch for it at the 39 second mark.

Asked afterward what Avery was saying in his verbal attack, the Russian goalie pleaded ignorance saying you’d have to ask his defenseman because he didn’t understand Avery’s English.

So goalies take note, the best way to deal with Avery or someone like him (if there is anyone like him) is to forget your English, turn the other cheek and have a quick wrist on your stickhand.


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