Mixed Emotions About Avery’s Suspension

I despise Sean Avery.  I think all goalies, including the ones on his team, hate Sean Avery.  He’s a pompous ass who deserves to have his head forcibly inserted into said ass by an opponent.  But the NHL has no place in handing down any suspension, let alone six games.  It was a stupid public comment and should be addressed by his employer but the real retribution should come on the ice.

I don’t know for sure but I have to assume from his interview afterward that even Stars goalie Marty Turco has no use for Avery and would like to see him dealt with in a more appropriate manner.  Of course Turco remembers what Avery did to Marty Brodeur last season and to Rangers’ goalies Henrik Lundqvist and Steve Valliquette this season.  Do you really think Turco is going to side with Avery over fellow Olympians Brodeur and Lundqvist?

Avery getting in the face of Brodeur in '07-'08 playoffs

Avery getting in the face of Brodeur in '07-'08 playoffs

Avery pestering Lundqvist earlier this season

Avery pestering Lundqvist earlier this season

Avery yapping at Valiquette during warmups

Avery yapping at Valiquette during warmups

I’ve read some viewpoints that Avery’s comments about his ex-girlfriend were nothing more than an attempt to do what Reggie Dunlop would have done in trying to motivate the Charlestown Chiefs.  To me that represents a complete misunderstanding of the spirit of Reggie Dunlop.  And isn’t that the goal?  To capture the spirit of the thing?  Dunlop would have had the guts to deliver his comments to Dion Phaneuf in person, during the game.  And then he would have taken the ensuing beating like a man, knowing what it was doing to get his teammates riled up and pulling together as a team.  Dunlop would never have made the comment to a bunch of reporters in the safety of his own lockerroom and then walked away to the sound of crickets.

I feel the need to offer a note of caution before viewing this clip as the language and the meaning of the language are not for 10-year olds.  On the other hand, if you’re a 10-year old reading this then I assume you play hockey, in which case you’re going to see this clip a hundred times in your life anyway so I’m not really exposing you to anything that’s not already in your future anyway. Whew, I feel better cleansing my conscience.  Enjoy the clip.

I never noticed this before but it looks like Hanrahan’s mask is decorated with electrical tape!  But I digress.

There is a right way and a wrong way to deal with guys like Avery.  The wrong way is to send him to NY to meet with Commissioner Bettman.  That’s just politics and soundbites for the camera.  The right way is to make sure he’s in the lineup the next time the Stars play the Flames.  And perhaps to overlook any goalies in the league who have sharpened the blade of their stick when Dallas is in town.


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