All Hail Captain Luongo!

Wow!  Today the Canucks announced that Roberto Luongo will serve as their team captain!  I’ve always thought goalies were not allowed to be captain but it turns out they’re just not allowed to wear the “C” on their jersey.  So the Canucks will have alternates who can talk to the referees on the ice but ‘Captain Canuck’ will now officially be Captain Canuck.  The first role of captain is to lead a band of brothers for nine months out of the year and when you think of the great captains in hockey history can you really think of anyone on the Canucks better suited to this role?  I’m not sure there’s any team in the NHL who relies more on one player than the Canucks do on Luongo.  So congrats to Luongo for breaking new ice with this role and kudos to Canucks’ management for thinking outside the box in putting him there.



  1. Captain Canuck will always be Linden. But Luongo’s a great choice and he’ll do well.

  2. Fair enough, Linden is/was Captain Canuck, but every torch must be passed on eventually and I think Luongo will hold it high.

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