There’s Good in Him, I Can Feel It

Cool!  Last season Martin Gerber wore a plain black mask and fans started calling him Darth Gerber, so this year he’s wearing a true likeness of Lord Vader.  He says he might not keep it but if he does it should prove to be more successful than The Clone Wars.



  1. Do you seriously think that thing looks like Darth Vader? Someone mentioned to me that he should have had the helmet part of his mask painted down to the top of his cage, and left the eyes out completely.

  2. Does it look like Vader? Yes. Will you be able to tell from a distance? Not sure. Tough to show details on an all-black mask. Maybe your idea would work about the eyes but I think Vader’s eyes are just as recognizable as Marvin the Martian’s eyes on Lalime’s mask. I used Marvin on my mask as well and put the unmistakable eyes right above the cage. But I made Marvin’s helmet bigger and left out the rest of the body, similar to Gerber’s new mask. Maybe instead of the Sens logo on the side he should have the Emperor instead.
    I’m sure Guy Kawasaki will be happy to see the Alltop plug on!

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