Guy Kawasaki Talks Hockey in Hawaii, Alltop and Why He Doesn’t Like Goalies

In the tech world (where I make my day-to-day living), Guy Kawasaki needs no introduction.  Seriously, he gets paid tons of bucks to speak at tech events all over the world (check out how they send him to these events) and hangs with the who’s who of the business world.  Today I drove down to Redwood City to play some pickup with him, learn more about Alltop (if you’re reading this you MUST check out Alltop), and hear about hockey in Hawaii (where he’s from).  BTW, just to give the non-techies in TendersLounge a sense of how Guy rolls, when someone in Montreal heard he was in town they arranged an introduction to Patrick Roy.  Serious street cred… or ice cred as the case may be.  Check out my visit with Guy:



  1. Guy, good thing you’re not the CEO of a hockey franchise, i’m not sure how well they’d do. on the other hand a goalie mask with Alltop design might be a cool thing!

  2. And the best goalie mask would have to be Khabibulin’s Wall! I don’t see anything topping a classic rock band and the presumptuous statement that a goalie is in fact a wall.

  3. I wouldn’t bet against Guy Kawasaki if he owned an NHL team (expansion to Honolulu Mr. Bettman?). Here’s one thing I could safely predict about the Hawaii 5-0’s, they would not spend on big name free agents but would focus on building around young talent. Did you notice in the interview when asked for his favorite goalie Guy said “a young Hasek”. I do however agree that an Alltop mask would be very cool… we should take up a collection and present one on behalf of TL.

  4. I agree, betting against Guy isn’t good business! But I think he does deserve to be teased about his hockey-knowledge:)

    Btw congrats! I just saw you made the alltop hockey page.

  5. Yes, definitely a big day for TL to make it onto!

  6. Next time you’re in hawaii, ask around for the mililani inline adult league. We’ll show you travel hockey….

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