Josh Harding – He’s In The Game

Couple cools shots of the Wild’s Niklas Bacstrom Josh Harding being a video game dummy with Dion Phaneuf.  This could be an equipment rule that goalies could agree to… paste targets to our gear so players shoot at us instead of open net.

UPDATE: thanks to TL reader Smart Goalie (who appears to live up to his name) for pointing out that these photos feature Josh Harding and not Nik Backstrom as previously reported in this post.  Shame on me for not even noticing the lefty-righty difference but kudos to Smart Goalie for picking up the difference in equipment (TPS for Harding and Vaughan for Backstrom).



  1. Thats not Niklas Backstrom. That’s Josh Harding, via a right-handed goalie, and wearing Harding’s TPS Response Gloves. Backstrom wears vaughn. Also Harding has 29 on his helmet (his #) as depicted in the photo. Backstrom is 32

  2. hyy

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