Manny Fernandez Goes to Summer School

When your year is a failure you don’t wait until the following September to do something about it, you go to summer school.  Last season was a complete failure for Manny Fernandez after being traded to the Bruins, so he’s participating in the Bruins’ rookie camp to ensure he’s ready this fall.

Not only has Fernandez suffered from back pain in the past but last season was ended after just 4 games when the decision was made to properly fix his injured left knee.  (Because of his short season it was tough to find a photo of him in Bruins gear)  He was expected to come into Boston and take over the starter role but that was eventually won by Tim Thomas.  After being considered a career minor leaguer you know that Thomas will be fighting hard to hold onto that starting spot come October. 

While in Minnesota, Fernandez was not shy about sharing his feelings on platooning with Dwayne Roloson so it should be interesting to see the personal dynamics in the Bruins’ crease this season.  Will Fernandez rebound play like a starter?  Will Thomas continue to be one of the top ranked goalies in the league?  If the answer to both questions is ‘yes’ then how does coach Claude Julien manage the situation?  Platoon them?  My guess is after what could have been career-ending surgery Fernandez will be a little more open to the idea of sharing the net in Boston than he was in Minnesota.


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