Osgood Top Five Ever. No Joke!

My part-time attempts at writing a goalie blog simply cannot even be compared to the columns of veteran hockey writer Michael Farber so rather than expand upon his article about Chris Osgood I’m just going to send you to his Sports Illustrated column.

But first I do have to explain the title of this post. Osgood currently ranks 15th in all-time career wins, and 4th amongst active goalies. I had no idea! Barring a career-ending injury (Osgood is 35 years old) it is completely reasonable for Osgood to move from his current number of 363 wins to 447, the number of wins by Terry Sawchuk who sits 5th on the career list. A spot in the top 10 feels like a lock (knock on wood Ozzie).

See the complete list of career wins here and read Farber’s column here. And as indicated by the photo, hi-five to Osgood for his silent and humble climb up the list of the NHL’s top goalies.


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  1. nice glove save.Do u love the glove hand more then your blocker?

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