Biron’s Dream of Beating the Habs Began Long Ago

Think Martin Biron is enjoying the way his Flyers are playing against the Habs? You don’t know the half of it! Biron is certainly enjoying his team’s run against the Canadiens and has put his team in a commanding 3-1 series lead but there’s more to beating the Habs than just carrying the Flyers on his shoulders.

Martin grew up outside Quebec City and was a huge fan of les Nordiques and even used to paint his face blue and white when he went to the games! As we’ve discussed in a previous TL post, the Nordiques – Canadiens rivalry in the 80’s was the best in hockey and made the Red Wings – Avs rivalry of the 90’s look like a mere sandbox skirmish. Biron’s family watched every game and still recalls the Good Friday brawl in 1984 as if it happened yesterday.

I was lucky enough to play in the famous Quebec peewee tournament when I was a kid and saw firsthand the Quebecois passion for hockey and les Nordiques. So it doesn’t surprise me to learn that when a Ducks’ scout took an 18-year old Biron to a Nordiques game in ’95 that Biron showed up in a powder blue Nords t-shirt even though he was being scouted by Anaheim. As good as Biron has been in this Flyers-Habs series has been so far imagine if we could watch him wearing the Fleur-de-Lys against Les Glorieux? Ah, to dream of an NHL gone by. Read all about Biron’s passion for the Quebec Nordiqes in this article.


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