Martin Biron Probably Talks About Shutouts Too

Today marks the Flyers’ (and Capitals’) return to the playoffs. The Capitals weren’t really expected to be here this year but are riding a Russian scorer and a French goalie. The Flyers were pretty much expected to not only be back in the playoffs after an expensive re-tooling last summer, but to contend for the Atlantic title. Regardless of where they finished in the playoff standings (i.e. last) their goaltending hopes were going to depend upon Martin Biron.

Biron was one of the first steps in their rebuilding program, acquired at last season’s trade deadline. This year he not only realizes the weight of playoff success but he talks openly about it! Most goalies are a pretty superstitious bunch and shy away from reporters. When they do talk they say things like “it’s a team effort” or “my defense made it easy for me tonight”. They don’t say “it’s all on me and that’s fine”. Well, most of them don’t. Biron probably talks openly about getting a shutout too!

Biron’s willingness to shoulder the pressure for playoff success is somewhat understandable. He got his start in the NHL watching Dominek Hasek carry the Sabres on his back in upsets against the Flyers and Canadiens in the 1998 Stanley Cup playoffs. He then watched Olaf Kolzig do the same thing to the Sabres in the conference final that year as the Caps made their only trip to the Cup finals.

The Flyers are confident in Biron and he’s prepared to earn more of that confidence. The Caps come into this year’s playoffs as the hottest team in the league so Biron will be forced early to turn the clock back 10 years. But this time he’s the one with the ability to steal a series or two. Ed Moran from has a good interview on the eve of the playoffs here.


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